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Extraordinary measures due to COVID-19

To ensure your safety and comply with healthcare directives during the present extraordinary situation, a preventative measures protocol has been implemented to prevent any possible transmission of COVID-19. Complying with these measures is obligatory. The measures will be updated according to instructions from the relevant official bodies.

Protocols and safety measures on the Masca Gorge trail and additional equipment:

  • It will be compulsory for Masca Gorge trail staff to wear masks while carrying out their work at the Visitors’ Centre and the Checkpoints, and on other stretches of the trail when it isn’t possible to keep a safe 2 m distance from others.
  • Surfaces in the Visitors’ Centre and Checkpoints will be regularly disinfected.
  • Hydroalcoholic hand gel will be available for visitors at the Visitors’ Centre entrance and at the various Checkpoints along the trail.
  • The minimum safe distance between people (2 m) will be signposted on the ground, counters, and communal areas.
  • Masca Gorge trail staff have completed COVID-19 prevention courses and will regularly undergo testing, in addition to having the necessary personal protection equipment.
  • The maximum capacity of the installations has been adapted to comply with current legislation at all times.
  • Visitors will be given body temperature tests before entering the checkpoint areas. If your temperature is above recommended levels you will be refused access and your booking fee will be refunded.
  • Mats soaked in disinfectant for disinfecting shoes will be placed at the entrance to the Visitor’s Centre.
  • All documentation and information systems used for providing access to the trail have a digital option to minimise use of printed materials; any printed materials will be for individual use.

Compulsory COVID-19 prevention measures for visitors who want to hike the Masca Gorge trail:

  • Use face masks in the Visitors’ Centre at any point where you cannot be a safe distance of 2 m from people you don’t live with. We recommend having your face mask to hand for the duration of the trail.
  • Disinfect your shoes on the mats at the Checkpoints and wash your hands with hydroalcoholic hand gel whenever possible.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 2 m from anyone you don’t live with and respect the maximum capacity of the Visitors’ Centre.
  • You must let your temperature be taken before entering the Visitors’ Centre.
  • In the event that you do not comply with any of these measures, you will be refused entry to the facilities and the Masca Gorge trail, and will have the right to a booking refund.

If you show any symptoms associated with COVID-19, a protocol will be followed to isolate and evacuate you and your companions, and you will have the right to a booking refund.