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Getting here

The Masca Gorge trail begins in the hamlet of Masca at the head of the gorge.

The road into the hamlet of Masca is narrow and winding with steep slopes in some sections. It is also difficult for vehicles when passing. On the other hand, parking spaces are very limited in the hamlet. For both reasons, a management system has been implemented, enhancing group transport to reduce road traffic and improve safety conditions as well as the tranquillity and satisfaction of the visitors accessing the hamlet.

The route takes a few hours. For this reason, and given that there are very few or no car parks in the Masca hamlet, it is recommended to travel to Masca by public transport so as not to lose the reservation and the amount paid.


  • Through the services of an Active Tourism company, which in addition to managing all transfers, will make the most of your experience, helping you discover all the natural and cultural heritage that the gorge hides. Check the list of collaborating Active Tourism companies here.
  • If you are making your own way:

    • You can travel to the hamlet of Masca preferably by taxi or public transport (guagua).
    • Please arrive at the Masca Visitors’ Centre at least half an hour before to go through access control.


  • Public transport (guaguas) to the starting point. Check the TITSA website here for the lines that link with the rest of the island and its schedules. Here is an outline of the main lines that travel to Masca.

    Enlarged map on how to get to the Masca TrailMap of Tenerife with information about getting to the Masca Trail

Here you can check the schedules of the bus lines marked on the map above.

  • Taxis from the main towns: Buenavista, Santiago del Teide and Los Gigantes port. Check with your nearest tourist information office or click here.